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Film / Video

Viki Kühn & Nikolas Kuhl both studied at the University of fine Arts of Hamburg in the master class of Angela Schanelec.

Now work as a team on their films and comissional works as music videos, exhibition films and other formats.

Contact for further information.

The Bayou Garden


feature film

written and directed by Nikolas Kuhl

status: in postproduction

About N.,


experimental film, 80min. D-2017 HD

a film by Viki Kühn

status: in postproduction

A man and a woman. A journey, searching closeness and distance. Moments in the harsh landscape of scandinavia. Seeking each other, bearing each other. A man a woman. A bipolar disorder. Trying to understand something which is unknowable. Remaining and then driving on. 

The camera is alway present. A protective shield, which allows to approach towards the other and towards themselves.

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